ComTrue Inc. is a mixed-signal IC design company. It was established in Nov. 2013 and the headquarter is located at Chupei city, Taiwan. The mission of ComTrue is to provide the high-quality IC solution for audio system. The core team has extensive experience in PC and Home-theater audio system. ComTrue is capable of solving various audio issues with the mixed signal technology. We are going to bring the best audio solution to real world.  


10-Nov-2013  Getting Started

2015    CT-7302  768K audio SRC bridge Tapeout

2017    CT-7601  768k USB audio bridge Tapeout

2023   CT-7602  768k USB audio bridge Tapeout


2F.-1, No. 10, Xianzheng 10th St., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)